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Meerkat Groundworks

About Us

A Company You Can Trust, With Over 20 Years Experience in Groundworks.

We specialise in the upgrade of your dated drives & patios. We can also transform your garden or driveway area into something both practical and eye catching. Our top quality work starts where you cant see, and that’s under the drive, by preparing the base correctly.

We are in business to make money, as everyone is. However we are looking to make a living by providing a cost effective service that both Meerkat Groundworks, and YOU the customer, can be proud of.

We are looking to the long term to make our money, from the numerous recommendations for our goods and services. This is only achievable by providing the kind of service that we would expect to receive ourselves.

Our commitment is to provide you with a high quality service, high quality workmanship on all projects and at an affordable price.

We will provide a very cost effective service, with a quality finished result. We do not provide a cheap service.

As a company we believe quite simply in “You get exactly what you pay for”.

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